JavaScript Rising Stars 2017

In 2016 Create React App solved the problem of how to start coding a React application by providing a nice set of presets, very well packaged. Facebook keeps releasing new versions very often and it was by far the most popular project in 2017 among the React ecosystem.

Vue Ecosystem

Element and iView are the two most popular UI component kits, both focused on rapid desktop UI development. Mint UI and vux, on the other hand, are the two most popular mobile-focused UI kits.



As we predicted last year (it’s the first time we predicted something right!), Jest became the trendiest testing framework in 2017.

IDEs & Editors

Styled Components was by far the trendiest project in this category this year. It lets developers include regular CSS syntax inside the React components, using a recent addition to the JavaScript language: tagged template literals.

Static Sites