How to mount Novell directory in Ubuntu

First you have to install ncpfs using apt-get:

[code language=”bash”]
sudo apt-get install ncpfs

Then mount your novell directories using the following commands:

[code language=”bash”]
mkdir /media/novell
sudo chown <localuser>:<localgroup> /media/novell
sudo ncpmount -S <name-of-netware-server> -A <fully-qualified-name-of-server-or-ip-address> -U <novellusername-using-dot-notation> -u <localusername> -g <localgroup> -o nfsextras,symlinks,tcp,rw /media/novell -p cp850 -y utf8

This will mount all of the volumes. If you wish to mount a specific volume use the -V option.

Having issues? Just drop me a line.

4 thoughts on “How to mount Novell directory in Ubuntu”

  1. Hi, is there a way to install ncpfs / mountncp on Trusty Tahr (14.04)? The ncpfs package seems to have been deleted from the 14.04 repos 🙁

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