Grabeeter – Grab and Search your Tweets offline and online

Grabeeter (@grabeeter) has just been launched and I think it is a very useful tool.

Grabeeter enables you to grab your tweets which means that you are able to store your tweets on your local harddrive in a structured format (xml at the time). Using the Grabeeter Client you are also able to perform searches on your local stored tweets.

This solves in parts the following problem. Maybe some of you have already noticed that if you have written more than 3200 Tweets you are not able to access your first tweets anymore due to Twitter access restrictions.

If you register on Grabeeter before you have reached the 3200 Tweets on Twitter you are able to access all your written tweets in the future. Grabeeter archives your tweets and enables you to export them in a structured format (XML and JSON at the time). You can also use Grabeeter Client to directly access your interesting tweets on Twitter again.

Just go to Grabeeter and register with your twitter username. All the other work is done for you. You can afterwards export and search your tweets online or using Grabeeter Client offline.

For all developers we also provide a small Grabeeter API in order to access your tweets using an application you developed.

Have fun and we are happy to get feedback from you.

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