Obama’s impressive use of Semantic Web Technologies

US President Obama enforces the use of Semantic Web Technologies. David Peterson posted on SitePoint the follwing:

In a revolutionary move, Obama’s administration is set to utilise next generation web technologies to bring an unprecedented level of transparency to government. In this case it will shed light on how the roughly US $800 billion dollar economic stimulus will be spent. The recently launched recovery.gov website (powered by nothing other then Drupal) brought with it the promise that citizens would be able to view where the money was going and how it was going to be spent.

To enable the citizen masher to do their wizardry, the administration will be opening up a veritable candy store of goodies: Semantic Web, RDF, Linked Data, SPARQL, RDFa, SIOC, ATOM, RESTful APIs, JSON, Widgets, Wikis, XForms, P2P Networks. Wow. They only forgot the lions and tigers and bears oh my… This is an unbelievable stack of technology. I didn’t think the government even knew what an RSS feed was 🙂

This is a great step forward for Semantic Web Technologies. Gaining broader attention will force other administrations as well to make use of Semantic Web Technologies. One really great and interesting facette of Semantic Web is Linking Open Data.

(via mhausenblas)