First BarCamp in Graz, Austria

This weekend the first BarCamp of Graz, Austria is going on. Location is the Karl-Franzens University and today it is going to start at 10.00 o’clock am. BarCamps are a growing type of events. A BarCamp is a so called unconference. On wikipedia you can read:

BarCamps are organized and evangelized largely through the web, harnessing what might be called a Web 2.0 communications toolkit. Anyone can initiate a BarCamp, using the BarCamp wiki.

The procedural framework consists of sessions proposed and scheduled each day by attendees, mostly on-site, typically using white boards or paper taped to the wall. This is a form of the open-space approach and has been dubbed, with another play on words, The Open Grid approach.

While loosely structured, there are rules at BarCamp. All attendees are encouraged to present or facilitate a session. Everyone is also asked to share information and experiences of the event, both live and after the fact, via public web channels including (but not limited to) blogging, photo sharing, social bookmarking, wiki-ing, and IRC. This open encouragement to share everything about the event is in deliberate contrast to the “off the record by default” and “no recordings” rules at many private invite-only participant driven conferences.

Well it’s my first BarCamp and I am very looking forward. If you would like to participate, just come to the location and participate. Registration is free and everybody who is interested is welcome. If you cannot participate you can follow the BarCamp on Twitter, TwitterSearch, or on my Weblog.

Additional information about the first BarCamp in Graz, Austria can be found at the BarCamp Graz Wiki.