[video] – Knowledge is Power: Getting out of Trouble by Understanding Git

Have you ever wondered how git works internally or why git does certain things in a certain way? Recently I found an interesting talk about git’s internals on goto; conference. It explains all the building blocks that you need to understand to better understand git.

Knowledge is Power: Getting out of Trouble by Understanding Git


Talk on Infrastructure at Scale: Apache Kafka, Storm and Elastic Search

The following talk gives a good overview on the technologies used by Loggly.com to build their scalable real-time-search log-processing infrastructure.

The slides of the talk can be found here:

Infrastructure at Scale: Apache Kafka, Twitter Storm & Elastic Search (ARC303) | AWS re:Invent 2013 from Amazon Web Services

Enable HTTPS everywhere

SSL-Report for blog.muehlburger.at
SSL-Report for blog.muehlburger.at

Finally I finished to configure my HTTPS protocol support for blog.muehlburger.at. Supporting encrypted communication is an important part of the internet today. Everybody should support encrypted communication on the web. A good resource on how to select strong cypher suites and to configure your web server to support encryption properly is bettercrypto.org.

There is also a great video covering the current state of the art in crypto held by security researchers at 30C3:

I configured nginx to support encrypted communication exclusively for my WordPress installation. The PDF guide from bettercrypto.org was a great resource for selecting the cypher suits and some additional parameters.

If you would like to configure your nginx webserver and WordPress installation to support https just drop me a message. I am pleased to help you with my experiences.

(via A year in Crypto)

Our Choice – The Next Generation of Digital Books

Mike Matas (@mike_matas) and his team from Push Pop Press developed a great iPad and iPhone application called “Our Choice“. They claim it to be the next generation of digital books. In the following you see the TED Talk given by Mike Matas demonstrating “Our Choice”.

What I find really interesting there are the interactive data visualizations.

If you like this video drop me a comment!

[video] – Bis an die Grenzen des Universums

Bis an die Grenzen des Universums” ist der Titel einer Dokumentation, die versucht die ewigen weiten unseres Universums zu beschreiben. Meiner Meinung nach ausgesprochen sehenswert!


[video] – Thoughts on Google Instant

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

Here is an introductory video to Google Instant the new search feature that Google provides for its search engine.


I personally do really like the new feature searching while you type. What do you think about it? Do you prefer the traditional “push-the-button” search approach?

RWW asks how will this change affect your companie’s search engine optimization? <name> tries to answer the similar question on if SEO will still be required in 5 years.


For me the more interesting question is how did google do the software engineering part? How did they get it to answer millions of search querys in real-time?

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The Social Media Revolution – Facts and Figures – [video]

The following video visualizes some recent social media statistics interestingly. Quite impressing how social media has developed over the last year. Facebook for example has gained 200 million users in just one year. That’s incredible …


(via crowdspring and mashable)