Our Choice – The Next Generation of Digital Books

Mike Matas (@mike_matas) and his team from Push Pop Press developed a great iPad and iPhone application called “Our Choice“. They claim it to be the next generation of digital books. In the following you see the TED Talk given by Mike Matas demonstrating “Our Choice”.

What I find really interesting there are the interactive data visualizations.

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[video] – Connect Your Mailbox to the Internet

Recently I found a video on the web demonstrating a simple system sending push notifications to your iPhone whenever the mailman has delivered your post.

As a part of their “Internet of Things” series ReadWriteWeb came up with an article describing how Make Magazine built the system using an Arduino. This is a nice way of using this technology. In the following you can see the video demonstrating the system.

[youtube W45c9UOvWSo]

I definitely have to try out an Arduino as soon as possible. Anybody interested in hacking up an Arduino project?

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How will The Future of Interface Design look like?

David Leggett tried to answer this question in a blogpost written for uxBOOTH. He writes:

The future of how we interact with computers is exciting to say the least. What once seemed like nonsense outside of Hollywood and Science Fiction is now starting to find it’s way into reality, and some of the technology is a bit overwhelming. Have a taste of what the future of interface design has to offer:

Here are some of the most interesting videos from the post as well as some additional ones i have found:

Head Up Displays for Consumer Vehicles

The following video is showing an Apple iPhone App using the concept of Heas Up Displays. Working not so bad actually.

Originally Head Up Displays were developed for military use:

Gesture Based Interfaces

Applications like the following are geture based and increasingly becoming populous.


Another very interesting type of gesture based interfaces are multitouch screens like seen in the following video:

Spatial Motion Interfaces

In Spatial Motion Interfaces the user becomes the controller and can controll the application through movements the user is performing. Check out the following video for a demonstration. Lookes really interesting.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is brings virtual reality and the real work together and makes it possible to build great applications. As mobile devices increase in computing power this applications are becoming more and more popular:


Other sensor Based Interfaces

Other sensor Based Interfaces are Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) enabling to communicate with an application through just thinking of specific commands:

B2B – BrainToBrain: A BCI Experiment

Mind Control Device Demonstration – Tan Le

Smart Surfaces

Smart Surfaces are becoming more and more popular too. Here is a video showing this concept:

Feel free to add some interesting videos which you have found on the web. I am happy if you post them in the comments.

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[video] – Evan Williams on “How Twitter’s spectacular growth is being driven by unexpected uses”

The next video is about twitter’s growth by the unexpected use of the service. Very intersting video!

This video I found on the gorgeous TED Talks. Enjoy watching.

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ALARMD – Wecker 2.0

Wer schon immer mal von YouTube Videos bzw. von last.fm Playlists geweckt werden wollte, der sollte sich unbedingt ALARMD anschaun! -) Hier kann man sich seinen Wecker online stellen. Dieser holt sich dann von YouTube bzw. über last.fm und andere Services seine Videos und Musikstreams und spielt diese zur gewünschten Zeit ab! Ich finde die Idee einfach toll und bin komplett begeistert! -)

Sehr coole Sache!

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