NoSQL Databases: Why, what and when – An Overview on NoSQL Datastores

For everybody interested in NoSQL datastores the following presentation by Lorenzo Alberton is worth reading. It gives a good overview of the currently used technologies in the area of NoSQL and discusses the ground filling basics every NoSQL enthusiast should know.


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[video] – How is Hadoop used at Twitter?

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In the following video Dmitriy Ryaboy, a Twitter Analytics Engineer and a former Cloudera Intern, explains how Twitter uses Hadoop and Pig. Enjoy the video and have a good weekend!

[vimeo 11110059]

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NOSQL Summer in Graz Kick-Off Meeting

Today was the kick-off  meeting of NOSQL Summer here in Graz, Austria.

A NOSQL Summer is a network of local reading groups, that will decipher & discuss NOSQL-related articles, from late June to early September 2010. Each group sets its own meeting pace (usually once a week or once every two weeks) and select which papers are up for discussion.

At every cycle, members read the selected paper at home and then meet up for an hour or so to discuss, debate and answer their own questions.

The paper then gets annotated and is published again on the NOSQL Summer website.

Four of our in the meantime already 12 local swimmers decided to join the first meeting and dived into interesting topics regarding NOSQL and distributed computing with fellow geeks. We were reading and discussing the article called “On Designing and Deploying Internet-Scale Services” (PDF) written by James Hamilton. Our discussion was first driven this article but soon also covered other topics:

  • Cloud computing and setups
  • Privacy issues regarding cloud storage
  • Social networks and privacy concerns
  • Complexity in hardware setups regarding cloud services
  • Hadoop and HBASE
  • Philosophical discussions on how current and past society deals with privacy specially in cloud contexts

There were a lot of different opinions and views on using internet-services and the cloud for storing and processing one’s own data. Do you prefer to keep your data in a cloud or do you prefer to host all of your data by your own? We did not find one common answer to these questions and I guess you either won’t find one. It was an interesting meeting with friends and I am already looking forward to the next one.

The next NOSQL Summer Meeting will be announced through the NOSQL Summer Website but I can already give you the date. 🙂 It will take place on the 4th of August 2010, hosted at the campus of Graz University of Technology again.

If you are interested in NOSQL or distributed computing and distributed storage then just subscribe to the NOSQL Summer Group of Graz and we will keep you informed on the next paper to read and on the next interesting dates.

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[video] – HBase and Pig: The Hadoop Ecosystem at Twitter

I have just found this very interesting video dealing with the implementation of HBase and Pig in combination with Hadoop at Twitter:

Twitter’s use of Cassandra, Hadoop, Pig and HBase for highly distributed Data Processing and Analysis

Kevin Weil, Analytics Lead at Twitter recently gave a presentation on Twitter’s use of Cassandra, Pig and HBase. Specially interesting is how Twitter uses Hadoop and Pig in their data analysis process.

[slideshare id=3806196&doc=nosqlattwitter-nosqleu2010-100421124212-phpapp02]

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Another great presentation from Tobias Ivarsson gives an overview on NoSQL:

[slideshare id=3735857&doc=nosqlfordummies-100415085745-phpapp01]

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