Google Wave – Google’s next killer application?

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Google’s newest prodcut which was announced at the Google I/O this week is called Google Wave. They build an incredible tool for collaborative work and integrated services like email, instant messenging, collaborative editing, an incredible spell checker which checks the context of words in order to correct spelling. Other really greate features are gadgets like:

  • linky: adds links automatically while you type
  • searchy: lets you search the internet through the application and integrate the searched contend into a wave
  • buggy: through buggy you are able to interact with bug tracking software and easily administer bugs

This are just some kind of great tools available in Google Wave. Please check out the keynote on the Google I/O. It is a long video but it is really worth watching!

[youtube v_UyVmITiYQ]

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[paper accepted] – Will Personal Learning Environments become ubiquitous through the use of Widgets?

Few time ago we got the review on our paper submitted to the 9th International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies (I-KNOW ’09). The paper is titled “Will Personal Learning Environments become ubiquitous through the use of Widgets?” and was accepted as follows:

We are pleased to inform you that your paper
Title: Will Personal Learning Environments become ubiquitous through the use of Widgets?
has been accepted for publication as short paper (max. 6 pages) in the conference proceedings on condition of integrating the recommendations of the reviewers.

The conference is located in Graz (Austria) from the 2nd – 4th of September 2009. By the way, it is my first publication which I very happy about! For everybody who is interested in the field of Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies should register for the conference as registration has just been opened.

Check out my colleagues on e-Learning Blog as well)

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Designing for Change: Mash-Up Personal Learning Environments

In order to describe what this article is about I cite Fridolin Wild, Felix Mödritscher and Stein E. Sigurdarson:

In this article we first clarify key concepts and assumptions for personalised learning environments. Afterwards, we summarise our critique on the contemporary models for personalised adaptive learning. Subsequently, we propose our alternative, i.e. the concept of a mash-up personal learning environment that provides adaptation mechanisms for learning environment construction and maintenance. The web application mash-up solution allows learners to reuse existing (web-based) tools plus services.

The mash-up paradigm enables learners to integrate different information sources into their learning environmen. For example you could integrate youtube videos which explain your learning content in a visual way. Other integrations could be Wikipedia Links to related topics, or feeds of weblogs or website which deal with the same topics.

Through mash-up personal learning environments (MUPPLE) the user is able to build up his personalized learning envirionment fitting best the specific learning needs. MUPPLE suports the learning in achieving his learning goals.

Article: Designing for Change: Mash-Up Personal Learning Environments

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[video] – Trouble with the Twittersphere

Just found a nice video about twitter and it’s users called the Twittersphere.

[youtube PN2HAroA12w]


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